Paul Kindersley’s Beauty Salon performance at Hunter Gather store – London!

I had the lucky chance to be a part of a performance by artist Paul Kindersley – the performance was part of a show held in the Huntergather clothes shop, which was organised by Transition gallery. The exhibition is called ‘Ornament’, which included works by Kirsty Buchanan, Annabel Dover, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon, Alli Sharma, and Corinna Spencer.




(us waiting to be beautified!)

The press release read: 

“From the ‘Birkin’ to the ‘Del Rey’ the ubiquitous signifier of femininity that is the handbag has taken on the mantel of an iconic consumerist object far removed from its original useful intention. With this in mind Transition Gallery in collaboration with Huntergather have commissioned six artists to explore images of female adornment using found handbags as their canvas. The artists are not, however, designing luxury items; their reclaimed bags are merely used as a ground on which to paint preoccupations inherent in their own work, employing mildly subversive and doubling enactment, which nevertheless takes on board an understanding of the status of the object.”



Andrew Logan’s fashion show!!

AHH! WOW what an amazing experience it was! 

As soon as I arrived I was led upstairs in an apartment on top of the gallery to meet Andrew, where he actually comes to live in when out of London!


Image(entrance with red carpet)

He was sorting out everyone’s outfits, and would choose a colour which he thought would suit, and then add his famous hand-made jewellry to the outfit. (my god were they worth a LOT of money!!!). 


There was quite a bit of waiting around, which was good as it gave me the chance to get to know the rest of the performers. Most of them did this every year with Andrew, which was really nice to know as i’d love to do it again. 


I got to know some right characters! Very lovely and eccentric people, just what you’d expect from such an event I suppose!

When people started to arrive and were seated, we were put in an order to go downstairs one by one and walk through the whole gallery, with a crowd surrounding.  We had no specific choreography, it was very spontaneous and all we were told to do was ‘be yourselves and have fun’. 

I was put 3rd in line! 


He had some very loud, and strange music but it worked really well with the eccentric theme. 

Then we were off, one by one down the stairs, quite a few people had turned up too! 

As soon as I came down I was greeted to dance with guest star Rula Lenska, who had also turned up to be apart of the event. 

Image(Rula Lenska with child at fashion show)

We danced and paraded around in line, from the back of the gallery to the front, back and forth. It was crazy and so much fun to just go wild and perform in front of these people in such an extravagant outfit! Some performers were waving giant star mirrors in front of people’s faces, others had objects to show off. I had a giant fly brooch type thing, with broken mirrors surrounding it, and it was sat on a log which actually looked like a poo.


Then it was time to go back upstairs, and wait for Andrew to then stroll through with a massive cape and crown, in a wonderful indian silk blue suit, and walking beside him was guest star Rula Lenska.



We were told to follow them by running and dancing around, to the Can-Can song. But there was a twist, it was also musical statues. So when the music stopped, we had to stop and hold our position. We did this around the whole gallery also, and then it was finished.

I had such an amazing time, it was one hell of an experience! I shall definitely be doing this again next year!