Influenced by the everyday, the carnivalesque theory, Marxism, and the Theatre of the Absurd; the philosophy of my practice revolves around being subversive and playful with the viewer whilst simultaneously exposing the banal and humdrum of everyday life in a Capitalist system. I explore these ideas using disciplines such as performance, film, installation, drawing and sculpture.

As a side project exploring the same themes as my practice, I have created a ‘Buffoon Society’ – a fake society whom do not actually exist physically; giving my buffoons the ultimate freedom of the constraints of the everyday. The intentions of the Buffoon Society are also testing the potential of destroying status-quo, order and authority through the language of laughter. Each Buffoon of this society are identified by the use of masks; the mask assures the Buffoon of its incognito – and will give him/her courage to face the crowd and join the collective of the Buffoon Society: No face, no name, no position.

The viewer becomes a leading role in my practice, and participation plays a leading role. Ephemeral by nature, the work exists through interaction and a shared experience; to permit a liberating overturning of the world, from all that is banal and humdrum, and to also see the world from a ‘Buffoons’ eyes; creating a new order and a carnival spirit where carnival does not happen, and to laugh where laughter is most forbidden.

Contact: Laura.olohan@hotmail.co.uk

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/lauraolohan/videos
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Laurz1233/videos


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