“It is now easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism.” — Fredric Jameson


The War on Consciousness – Graham Hancock, banned ted talk

Graham Hancock (British writer and Journalist) discusses capitalist issues in western society; and how its removing our state of individual consciousness. We glorify coffee and alcohol which, he compares, only brings us to a state of consciousness which is similar to that of the TV signal to the TV set. He then speaks of the people of the Amazon and their plant Ayahuasca, used since ancient shamanistic times. This plant has the compound of DMT – a hallucinogenic drug, which brings its user to a state of consciousness beyond our realm. Is Ayahuasca a potential cure for our commodity-driven society??

“Is there upon earth a more potent means than laughter to resist the mockeries of the world and of fate? The most powerful enemy experiences error at the sight of this satirical mask, and misfortune itself retreats before me, if I dare laugh at it. What else indeed except laughter does the earth deserve may the devil take it! together with its sensitive companion the moon.”

The Night Watches of Bonaventura. 

How Gargantua repaid the Parisians for their welcome, and how he took the great Bells from the church of Notre-Dame

“I think these clodhoppers want me to pay for my kind reception and offer them a solatium. They are quite justified, and I am going to give them some wine, to buy my welcome. But only in sport, par ris.” Then, with a smile, he undid his magnificent codpiece and, bringing out his john-thomas, pissed on them so fiercely that he drowned two hundred and sixty thousand, four hundred and eighteen persons, not counting the women and small children.