BA and MA Fine Art @ UCA Farnham

The BA (Hons) Fine Art course at  the University for the Creative Arts, based at it’s Farnham campus, is very please to announce that it is working with the artist Gustav Metzger. The James Hockey Gallery at UCA Farnham will host an exhibition of Gustav Metzger’s work and is developing other activities for students and the public in conjunction with this event.
For the past six decades, Gustav Metzger’s art has responded to political, economic and ecological issues in the UK and around the world.



From 7th March – 5th April 2014, he will be exhibiting a work built from a colossal stack of newspapers, ‘Mass Media: Today and Yesterday’, at James Hockey Gallery, UCA, Farnham.


For the duration of the show, the public will be invited to interact with the work, selecting articles in response to the subject of extinction and pinning them to the gallery walls. To…

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“All were considered equal during carnival. Here, in the town square, a special form of free and familiar contact reigned among people who were usually divided by the barriers of caste, property, profession, and age” – Mikhail Bakhtin

gargantua’s poem – from gargantua and pantagruel by François rabelais

In shitting yesterday I did know
The profit to my arse I owe:
Such was the smell that from it slunk,
that I was with it all bestunk:
O Oh, had but then someone consented
To bring me her for whom I waited,
Whilst shitting!
I would have closed her water-pipe,
In my rough way and bunged it up,
While she had with her fingers guarded
My jolly arsehole all bemerded,
With shitting