peasant couple dancing, 1514

peasant couple dancing, 1514

engraving by Albrecht Dürer


drawing – from ‘why not’

drawing  - from 'why not'

going out on a Saturday night is a ritual for most people.
You get ready, you pre-drink, you meet up with your mates and get pissed in the clubs/pubs. Everyone comes together to get smashed and to rebel against every day life. It’s a laugh. It’s chaotic. It’s animalistic and once under the influence we become foolish primitive creatures.

In all these wr…

In all these writings, in spite of their differences in character and tendency, the carnival-grotesque form exercises the same function: to consecrate inventive freedom, to permit the combination of a variety of different elements and their rapprochement, to liberate from the prevailing point of view of the world, from conventions and established truths, from clichés, from all that is humdrum and universally accepted. This carnival spirit offers the chance to have a new outlook on the world, to realize the relative nature of all that exists, and to enter a completely new order of things.

from Rabelais and His World – Mikhail Bakhtin

A definition for the grotesque

In the grotesque, life passes through all the degrees, from the lowest, inert and primitive, to the highest, most mobile and spiritualized; this garland of various forms bears witness to their oneness, brings together that which is removed, combines elements which exclude each other, contradicts all current conceptions. Grotesque in art is related to the paradox in logic. At first glance, the grotesque is merely witty and amusing, but it contains great potentialities.

From L.E. Pinsky – Realism of the Renaissance, 1961